An Italian company that gives optical solutions to industrial problems

Phoenix is a high technology company in the field of the Photonics and Spectroscopy.

By an agreement with INFM, the researchers of Phoenix may have access to the instrumentation present at INFM associates laboratories and particularly at LUXOR (Laboratory for Ultraviolet and X-ray Optical Research).

The mission

  • To realize customized optical systems for industrial requests on unresolved problems
  • The development of proprietary projects

The team

  • Composed entirely of physicists, electronic engineers and information engineers, the Phoenix team entirely realizes the proprietary systems, from the design to the prototype, to the final industrial device.


  • Vision systems from infrared to X-rays
  • Fluorescence analysis
  • Spectroscopy
  • Laser systems and their applications


  • On-line quality control for agro-food applications
  • On-line quality control for mechanical applications
  • Bio-sensors for the detection of contaminants
  • Bio-medical applications