Laboratories and facilities

PHOENIX was born in 1998 as a spin-off of the Italian National Institute for the Physics of Matter–INFM and by an agreement may have access to some of its laboratories and particularly at LUXOR (Laboratory for Ultraviolet and X-ray Optical Research).


Use of LUXOR (Laboratory for Ultraviolet and X-ray Optical Research).
Own laboratory for research, machines and prototypes assembly, and test.

Instrumentation of particuar relevance:

By the agreement with CNR-INFM and in the company facilities, Phoenix can use the following equipments:

High vacuum equipment (High vacuum chambers, monocromators for spectral region 1-500 nm with measurement facilities for the characterization of optics and detectors, High vacuum systems for test on photon counting open detectors)

Sources (X-ray sources, fine and micro focus up to 60kV, microfocus X-ray source with different anodes for the 0.1-25 nm spectral region; soft X-rays Manson source (0.1 – 25 nm), hollow cathode source for extreme UV (20-200 nm), VUV deuterium lamp, various UV spectral lamps in the region 200-1100 nm)

Detectors (MAMA photon counting detector for EUV, various photon counting detectors, CCD cameras intensified and not, calibrated photodiode)

Others (gas analyzers, monocromators e spectographs for visible)

Lead-shielded chamber for x-rays diagnostics (up to 160 keV)

Clean room (35 m2 class 100/1000, laminar flux bench; Zygo interferometer)

Laser (various Nd:YAG, Argon, excimers KrF, CO2, UV power lasers).