P-PhOS - Prunes Optical Sorter

Phoenix has a solution for sorting pitted prunes.
P-PhOS pitted prunes sorters can detect inside pits, loose pits, and pits fragments.

P-PhOS pitted prunes sorters, with sorting capacity of 1500, 2000 or 3000 Kg/hr, can be integrated in any production line, resulting in a quality control that’s second to none.

  • No handling of prunes before their introduction in the entry hopper.
  • Sorting of any size of prunes.
  • The machine can be completely opened for cleaning.
  • Air-jet system for a high ejection efficiency.
  • Simple, intuitive and friendly user interface.
  • Automatic calibration without need for operator adjustment.
  • Selection sensibility changeable according to specific needs.
  • High standards of reliability and only occasional actions required to the operator

Sorting Efficiency
>90% of internal pits
False Rejection
<3% of processed product
Production Capacity
1.5-3 ton/hr
Width 1600/2100 mm
Depth 2300 mm
Height 1800 mm
Power Supply
Power consumption
220V (+-10%) 50/60Hz 2 kW
2 kW
Connectivity Ethernet and USB
P-PhOS - pitted prunes sorter software