C-PhOS - Cherries Optical Sorter

An optical solution to remove remaining pits

C-PhOS is an optical pitted cherries sorter that can process up to 3.5 tons of product per hour.
Fast and easy to operate, it’s the ideal addition to your cherry pitting machine.

  • Optical pitted cherries sorter with a remarkable sorting efficiency, low loss of good product, and high production capacity, leaving the product intact.
  • No handling of cherries before the introduction in the entry hopper.
  • Sorting of any size of cherries, not mixed together, with diameter between 14 and 24 mm.
  • Single cherry ejection.
  • Automatic plates rotation for cherry size changing.
  • Air-jet system for a high ejection efficiency.
  • Simple, intuitive and friendly user interface.
  • Automatic calibration without need of operator adjustment.
  • Selection sensibility modifiable according to specific needs.
  • High standards of reliability, very few  occasional actions required from the operator.
Sorting Efficiency (Calibrated cherries)
In SO2, in alcohol >90% internal pits
Fresh, frozen >85% internal pits
False rejection <5% of processed product
CAPACITY 2/3.5 ton/h
Width 1600/2100 mm
Depth 2300 mm
Height 1800 mm
Power supply Power consumption 220V (+-10%) 50/60Hz 2 kW 2 kW
Operating Temperature 0 – 37° C
Storage Temperature -10 – 60° C
Operating Humidity range 10 – 90% RH (non condensing)
Ejection air pressure 6+ bar (filtered 25um, oil/water/dust free)
Cooling system air requirement 10 bar