Optical Solutions

The Applications

Phoenix develops and manufactures dedicated optical systems for unsolved problems in various industrial and agri-food sectors.

Some data...

1 Kg/hr

C-PhOS can reliably sort 3,500 Kg of pitted cherries per hour

1 m/min

Vision can check up to 70 meters of sheetmetal per minute

1 Kg/h

P-PhOS can reliably sort 3,500 Kg of pitted prunes per hour

1 mm

P-PhOD 100 can see micro pinholes up to 5 microns in diameter

The Human Eye

P-Phod 100 Pinhole Detector and Analyzer

Where the human eye can only see darkness, P-PhOD 100 can reliably analyze a sample of aluminum foil, or any other non-transparent material, in a fraction of a second, locating microscopic pinholes as small as 5 ┬Ám.

P-PhOD 100 - Pinhole detector and analyzer device

Get the fastest pinhole detector TODAY!

Increase the quality of your product with the speed and precision of the all new P-PhOD 100 pinhole detector.

This machine can examine a sample in fraction of seconds, delivering a result that is always precise, revealing pinholes as small as 5 micron.

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CNR Fotonica e Nanotecnologie
Agenzia Spaziale Italiana
Georgia Tech University

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