Research Center Collaborations

The heart of Phoenix is research. The company’s goal is to always be at the top in components and technologies.
The staff is almost entirely made up of highly specialized personnel, physicists, engineers, and information scientists, all dedicated to the research and development of new solutions.

The company has a direct and continuous relationship with universities and research centers, and over the years it has cooperated on numerous research projects. It also has the ability to directly use some university laboratories for its own purposes.
Phoenix’s research translates into constant and always available attention to the customer with which Phoenix collaborates to offer the most innovative solutions and continuous updating of existing applications.

Alcune collaborazioni con Centri di Ricerca

  • ASTRALAB (in collaboration with ASI – Italian Space Agency)
    Realization of an optical system in order to make an high resolution film of the evolution of cellular growing in condition of microgravity (in progress)
  • SPR (in collaboration with LUXOR – Regional Laboratory CNR-IFN – Photonics and Nanotechnologies Institute)
    Project of Optical Sensor in the field of nanotechnologies based on Surface Plasmon Resonance for the monitoring of biological substances (in progress)
  • PRODESYS (in collaboration with University of Padua)
    Project of a portable optoelectronic biochip for the reading of anticorpal and cellular microarrays for diagnosis in oncology (in progress)
  • XPLORE European Community CRAFT Project (Primer PHOENIX)
    High Resolution X-ray System for on line Foreign Bodies detection in fruit and olives