Phoenix originates in the world of scientific and aerospace research, and uses the most advanced technologies to solve the most difficult industrial problems.
The mastery of sophisticated tecnologies makes the company able to offer the most innovative solutions, with the highest degree of performance and reliability.

Hardware Vision Technologies

  • Design and development of dedicated hardware for the complete and optimal management of every part of the vision systems: Light sources, sensors, electronics and mechanical.
  • Software imaging tecnologies: Sophisticated proprietary algorithms, used to extract every information from the images, to be used by the machine and process controls. Every single piece of software used in the Phoenix Devices is internally developed, and is of exclusive Phoenix property.

Software Technologies

  • Design and development of all the software for control and management of the systems.
  • Ultra-High speed systems, for fast u├╣industrial processes
  • Characterization of sensors for radiation and light sources in the wide spectral range from infrared to X-rays, for industrial applications and for aerospace┬á instrumentation.Spectral

Spectral Imaging

  • Spectroscopic and hyperspectral techniques for diagnostics and color selection.

X-Ray techniques

  • Hardware for sensors: design and development of proprietary electronics to optimize the speed of the sensors.
  • Filtering techniques to increase contrast.
  • Multi-spectrum X-rays.
  • Beta test for new sensors.

Fluorescence analysis techniques

  • UV and Visible fluorescence for the detection of contaminants and the development of biosensorsi.
  • X fluorescence for extremely precise material detection.

Laser Systems Design

  • High precision alignments and metrology