P-PhOD - Pinhole Optical Detector

Using artificial vision to detect pinholes in aluminum foil and any kind of non-transparent film.
  • P-PhOD offers a remarkable efficiency in quality testing for invisible packaging defects, with a high production capacity, on continuous foils.
  • P-PhOD scans the complete surface, and can pinpoint defects of the material down to 20 micron. The system is modular and applicable on very large foils (also > 1m).
  • P-PhOD can inspect aluminum and any kind of non-transparent material.
  • P-PhOD performs a 100% surface inspection of foil material. It detects pinholes, fissures, fractures and cracks.
  • P-PhOD can provide information about dimension of the pinhole and also its X-Y position with a precision of 0.5 mm.
  • The detection system makes use of the most advanced high resolution cameras.
  • The graphic user interface is especially intuitive and easy to use.
  • Calibration is automatic, without the need for operator adjustment.
  • The selection sensibility can be modified according to specific needs.
Min diameter pinhole +- 20 um
Max foil speed 200 m/min
Max foil width >1000 mm
X-Y pinhole position resolution 0.5 mm
Operating temperature 0-37° C
Stoeage Temperature -10 – +60° C
Operating Humidity range 10-90% RH
Connectivity Ethernet + USB